We heart James!

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Andy Avalos
NBC-5 Chicago Weather Anchor

While I was thinking about James, it occurred to me that he has touched many lives in many ways. I thought of the old song by Diana Ross and the Supremes. "Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make his world a better place, if you can." This is what James does to all who come in contact with him. I saw for myself, firsthand, how much he would light up a room, how people were drawn to him, how they appreciated his talent and gifts, I know he is a special person with lessons to teach all of us. So hum the tune, sing the lyrics... "Reach out and touch Somebody's hand. Make this world a better place if you can. Take a little time out of your busy day to give encouragement to someone who's lost the way. If you see an old friend on the street and he's down, remember his shoes could fit your feet. Just try a little kindness, you'll see it's something that comes naturally. We can chance things if we start giving.. so why don't you reach out and touch somebody's hand... make this world a better place BECAUSE YOU CAN" James does...


Penny Nicholls
Chicago Ridge, IL - Age 71

A few words about James Javier, and how he touch my life & my heart...
I met Jay about a year ago, at the Orland Park "Apple" store. He would now become my "one to one" personal trainer. I was brand new at the computer, having studied only about a month there, with various trainers. I have an art background, and I really wanted to create my web-site, to showcase my work as an artist. (Jay-to-the rescue.) Jay really encouraged me with many suggestions & ideas for me to work with... I never worked so hard, photographing my work, writing text, editing, etc. I think Jay was quite impressed, as he too is a fantastically talented & creative person. Our minds worked so well together. We were right on track sharing thoughts & ideas with one another... Oh, What a pleasure! I truly miss James. He means so much to me. Never a day goes by without my thoughts & prayers for his recovery. I shall have wonderful thoughts of him for the rest of my life, and possibly beyond. He touched my life-my heart. To see some of his work, visit my web-site: www.pjnicholls.net. Thanks for letting me share these words with you.


Mike Denson
Security POC- Miles for James

I have had the distinct privilege of working for Miles for James for the past 2 years. I am in charge of security for any functions directly related to MFJ. I find it to be an honor to work for such a great man and a great family. When i think back to all the great times we had in Highschool i can do nothing but merely smile. Over the years we lost contact. As you grow older people grow apart and start families, get jobs, move away and many other things! Such was the case with James and I. When i joined Facebook in 2008 I never thought in my wildest dreams I would find people I havent spoken to in over 20 years. James was no exception. However, I did not expect to receive the information I was about to get. When I was told what occured, I could not believe what was told to my by a family member. I was dumbfounded. When a post circulated looking for volunteers for a benefit and 5K race I stepped up without hesitation. I did this for the single reason because of the kind of man James was then and now. He is full of life. Jay is a giving person and would give the shirt off his back if you needed. He has a golden smile that would brighten anyones day. I feel very strongly to fight the fight with and for James. If it were I in his position he would do the same thing for me or anyone else!! Superman WILL return!!!


James Javier